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hi, I’m billy jacoby – a full time software engineer, tech enthusiast, and an avid learner of things

Who am I?

I'm a determined full stack developer with strong problem-solving skills and a propensity to continue learning new things. With 6+ years of Javscript experience with a focus on building performant, mobile friendly applications.


I love to learn. New programming languages, new JavaScript frameworks, and everything Web3 related – learning is my strong suit.

JavaScript Master

Master of JavaScript both in the browser and on a server. Over 5 years of experience using JavaScript, React, and NodeJS

Expert Communicator

Selling new ideas or products, breaking down complex problems, and bridging the gap between different departments – all of these are things I am very experienced in.

Always looking for new and exciting projects to work on.

Always open to consulting opportunities, with an expertise in React and React Native.

  • Open source contributor
  • React Native aficionado
  • NextJS expert, SEO and performance specialist

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